E Pluribus UNO is the new vocabulary of MONEY.

For 5000 years, precious metals like Gold and Silver were considered the only form of MONEY, a means to preserve the surplus wealth created by productive work. Coins and bars of these metals were the basis of a country’s financial stability and the backbone of its currency.

In the last century,Central Banks, such as the US Federal Reserve, a PRIVATE, NON-governmental entity, has so clouded the factual distinction between currency and Money, that most people believe they are the same. In fact, paper money is a DEBT, not value. E Pluribus UNO is a new system to quantify real MONEY in understandable terms, based on a basic unit of weight, that can be used internationally. Based on 1/100th of an ounce of precious metal, this unit measure is designated as the “UNO”.

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